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This small coastal village can be looked upon as the original historical location to the Bene Israel in Konkan and as a landmark of Indian Jewish historiography as well. This is where the long period old story of Indian Jewry comes alive.
The Jewish community has been using this cemetery for centuries. Tradition says that the bodies of the mortals from the ship wreck were buried at this site. The ship is said to have crashed, leaving seven women and seven men to survive who made their home at the shores of Navgaon village. These Jews, strangers to India, brought with them Jewish traditions and religious practices and kept a diligent oral tradition over the generations. They were steadfast about circumcision, Shabbat, saying the Shema and eating only kosher fish (ones with fins and scales). Interestingly, they worked primarily in oil-making and they were known as “Shenwar Teli” the “Saturday oil-pressers”, because of being their day of rest.




Kihim Beach Rd, Kihim,



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* For security reasons, Please coordinate your visit in advance.

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