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The Synagogue of "Sukkat Shlomo" was built on the land of a member of the Bnei Yisrael community named Solomon (Shlomo) Balaji Jhiradkar. The cornerstone laying ceremony took place on December 28, 1919, and the inauguration ceremony on May 21, 1921.

The synagogue building is enclosed by a wall, and an iron gate, leads into the premises. At the front of the building and on both sides of the main entrance to the Synagogue hall, there are two rooms; One is used for an office and on the other, a staircase is installed leading to the women’s gallery. The interior of the Synagogue is identical to the other Sephardic Synagogues; The men's benches facing the Bimah from its three wings, and on the second floor, the women's gallery is installed. The "Sukkat Shlomo" Synagogue is one of the oldest Synagogues in Pune.

Jewish Lane, Rasta Peth,

Pune, Maharashtra



Sunday:  06:30 - 08:00 pm

Monday: 06:30 - 08:00 pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 06:30 - 08:00 pm

Thursday: 06:30 - 08:00 pm

Friday: 06:30 - 08:00 pm
Saturday:  06:30 - 08:00 pm




* For security reasons, Please coordinate your visit in advance.

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